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The family Safarik

Samara (Owner and Managing Director), Charlotte and Rowen

Matt Safarik, LAc, lmt
Owner and Practitioner

We've been a family business for 18 years and are excited to make Madison our home. Thank you for the warm welcome and we look forward to getting to know your families better. 

​My goal as a bodyworker is to bring you, the patient, back into alignment physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. We work to eliminate pain and revitalize joy by restoring balance to both your body and your life. I've been a massage therapist for more than 18 years and in 2012, became a Licensed Acupuncturist. I now practice Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in conjunction with manual therapy to help achieve that balance. The combination of acupuncture and massage is an exceptional and effective means of relieving everything from daily stress to mood disorders, pathogenic infections, chronic and acute pain from injury, repetitive use, nerve impingement, and so much more. In our sessions, we also explore lifestyle patterns such as nutrition, digestion, organ function, sleep habits, and movement patterns. My hope is that you come out of our treatments inspired and hopeful, experiencing firsthand the positive change that is possible. 

My office on Odana Road is conveniently located on the west side of Madison. Thanks for having a look at my practice and I hope you'll be in touch soon.

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Hello and thanks for visiting. Safarik Wellness serves the greater Madison area, providing Restorative Bodywork to all ages. Our practice combines acupuncture, Traditional Chinese herbal medicine and therapeutic massage for a whole-body system of healing, both externally and internally. We provide effective, affordable health care in a relaxing environment to improve health, balance and quality of life.

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