New Patient Evaluation and Treatment            $160

During your first visit, expect to stay approximately 2 hours. We'll do a complete intake, evaluation and treatment.

Follow up Treatment                                            $95

These visits will continue the treatment plan determined by your first visit and typically last an hour. 


We offer package options in 5 or 10 session options. Receive a discount per session and don't worry about payment after your treatment. This is a popular option for patients using Health Savings Accounts/Flex Spending Accounts. 

5-session package               $450    ($25 discount - reduces each session to only $90)

10-session package             $850    ($100 discount - reduces each session to only $85)

If you're experiencing financial hardship, please let us know at the time of scheduling. We strive to provide affordable acupuncture and believe that all of our community deserves quality healthcare. We are able to provide a limited number of patients with sliding scale fees. 

Throughout the country, acupuncture is accepted by insurance providers as a part of mainstream health care. Evidence-based research and consumer interest in alternative medicine are driving providers to offer and cover these services  At this time, however, the primary providers of health care in Madison including Unity, UW Health, GHC, Dean, Physicians Plus and Medicare do not cover our services. 

Auto Accidents/Worker's Compensation
If you're seeking care as the result of an auto accident or worker's compensation claim, please speak with our offices. These claims sometimes cover medical health services and we'd be happy to inquire with your insurance company. 

National Providers
Some national employers, such as Costco, use national insurance providers which may cover acupuncture services. Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare are examples. Please ask us for details if you're interested in finding out more.

Flex Spending Accounts/Health Savings Accounts
​Many of our patients use these accounts to pay for covered services, which typically include acupuncture, neuromuscular massage, consultations and other therapies. These funds are popular as they provide tax incentives for designating money to personal health care. Please ask us to provide a superbill (see below) if you'd like to submit our services to your accounts. 

While we usually do not bill insurance directly, we are happy to provide you with a "superbill," which is essentially a receipt and insurance form for you to submit directly to your insurance company. Payment is due at the time of service. ​

Safarik Wellness is active in advocacy work to improve state laws and bring acupuncture to the forefront as a system of medicine that should fall under covered insurance procedures. We encourage you to reach out to your local representatives, health care provider and insurance provider and ask that acupuncture be added as a covered service and that you have a choice of provider. 

Insurance Billing

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