Matt always takes time to listen to my concerns thoroughly.

I've been to Matt many many times. Matt is a serious healer and he knows what he's doing!  Most recently, I've come in for weekly sessions to deal with a pain in my wrist and back. Matt always takes time to listen to my concerns thoroughly. He takes a holistic snapshot before beginning diet, my sleep, my stress level, my posture, my lifestyle, my pulse. What I really love is the combination of acupuncture and massage that Matt uses. He is as smooth as can be with the needles! He always explains what he is doing and why, and he checks in regularly during the session to make sure that I am comfortable. The new treatment space is cozy and calm. When treatments are done Matt always sends me home with things I can do at home to keep the healing process in motion. Couldn't recommend him more highly!      - Simone, Los Angeles, CA

Best I've ever had.

Best I've ever had! I would definitely recommend Matt to anyone. I've been to many physical therapists and chiropractors and never before have I been relieved of my pain until Matt came along.     - Shelley, Calabasas CA

For the first time I am feeling pain free.

My neck has always been a problem and I have been to countless chiropractors throughout my life.  Matt's deep understanding of the body and chinese herbs as well as his use of needles with massage were the perfect gentle combination for me.  For the first time I am feeling pain free.  He is caring and patient and really good at explaining what is happening inside your body.  He is the perfect blend of Eastern Medicine philosophy with a Western filter so I could understand and heal.     -Willow, Topanga CA

Matt is very in touch with the human body.

Matt is very in touch with the human body.  I have had some of the best restorative body work and acupuncture with Matt that I've ever received.  He is also very knowledgeable with chinese medicine.  I highly recommend his services!     -Chad, Santa Monica CA

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I got my body back.

Matt is excellent!  I feel like I got my body back and can now better manage my own health without painkillers  -Theresa, Madison WI

What others are saying

Excellent body work and outstanding acupuncture.

Matt has a deep understanding of how the body works and how to encourage it to heal and maintain optimal health.  He has the rare combination of being able to provide excellent body work and outstanding acupuncture. In addition, I have found him to be a deeply caring person and an excellent listener.     -Dana, Topanga CA

60% of my back pain is gone.

My back pain has been killing me for several months, I made physical therapy treatment several times but nothing happens. Then I found Matt. Just one treatment done 60% of my back pain is gone. Matt is really good at this.     -Xiaoxing Y, Madison WI

After only three sessions, the pain was gone.

I visited Emory Spine Center for pain and numbness and after an MRI they discovered some bone spurs along my neck which were causing my muscles to pinch the nerve running into my shoulder. After being prescribed lots of medicine and some physical therapy the pain and tingling would not go away and they said they may need to operate. I did not want to go under the knife, especially when dealing with my neck. Too many unknowns. A friend of mine recommended Matt and I decided to give him a visit. I must say that seeing Matt the first time was my first introduction to acupuncture and Chinese healing and I was dubious. But after only three sessions, the pain was gone and after a couple more the tingling went away as well. He combined not only the acupuncture but some intensive muscle therapy and supplements and helped me work on my posture, which was the main culprit in the whole thing. I cannot say enough about his skills and how the pain ( and more importantly) the tingling went away. I highly recommend him for any issues you may have. I made it a weekly appointment and always felt fantastic after leaving his office. He even made the insurance process completely painless. He recently moved from LA to Wisconsin and boy do I miss him. If anyone is in that area needs some relief, Matt is your guy.     -JD, Los Angeles CA

This guy is a miracle worker!!

After trying chiropracters, massage and orthopedic surgeons I was able to find relief for my chronic lower back and sciatic pain with Matt.  Matt is very kind and kowledgable in Chinese medicine and practices acupuncture along with therapeutic massage.  I have tried a number of different approaches from steroid injections, massage, and acupuncture and  have never found anyone like Matt.  Matt takes the time to understand his patient and offers an approach that is very different from most.  This guy is a miracle worker!!  -Amanda, Mt Horeb WI

I have about 95% of my range of motion back.

Matt helped with my shoulder injury. Before my first visit, my shoulder was so stiff and sore that I could barely raise my arm. After 3 treatments, I have about 95% of my range of motion back, plus I am nearly pain-free. Not only did the treatments help my shoulder, but Matt was easy to talk with. He also gave me advice for stretching and posture. I would highly recommend Matt.     -Eric, Madison WI

My emotions are more level than they have been in years.

Matt is a true healer.  His vast knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine combined with the  functionality of the body sets him apart from others!  Matt took the time to do an extremely thorough intake with me, answering all questions I had and made me feel really comfortable.  His treatment was thorough and Matt was sensitive to not only my physical well being, but my emotional well being as well.  Matt does not only treat the physical body, but the spiritual and mental body as well. I literally have not felt this great in years. My mind is clearer and more quiet. My body is free of pain. My emotions are more level than they have been in years.  By far THE BEST TREATMENT I HAVE EVER HAD!     -Kristina, Reedsburg WI

He has an astonishing knowledge of the body and what to do to make me feel better.

I love body work, and I love Chinese medicine, so I've had lots of experience with both types of practitioner. Matt Safarik blew my mind on both fronts from our first appointment. He has an astonishing knowledge of the body and what to do to make me feel better. Matt very deftly maneuvered my body through ranges of motion and did some really deep tissue stuff to help get me ready for the acupuncture. His needling was expert, not generally painful, although I did also appreciate that he knows how to do deep needling where necessary. I had been feeling generally low energy and having such a hard time getting motivated to do what needed doing in my life, and after Matt treated me ONCE I started having such a strong energy flow. Matt was also able to sort out some pain in my neck that was so chronic and debilitating that I didn't even know what to do. I'm so grateful to him, and I love his demeanor, so friendly and easy to relate to, not new agey and weird at all. I'm a yoga teacher, and I've recommended Matt to some of my clients, who also had rave reviews. I can't really recommend him highly enough. You're lucky if he's near you!     -Sibyl, Topanga, CA

We understand the power of word of mouth and are grateful to our patients for the positive feedback! 

I could feel the circulation and relaxation.

My back was in big trouble from a work accident.  Matt immediately located the problem and spent the next hour opening the locked feeling in my lower back and hip without hurting me or pushing too far.  On my way to my car, I could already feel the circulation and relaxation in that area and I'm so grateful that he was there for me.  He also had such a gentle recognition of my pain.  He had a no-nonsense confidence of what he was doing, which was very reassuring to me.     -Melora, Topanga CA

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Matt has a very healing touch.

Matt has a very healing touch and he is a nice person who is very personable, which is what you want in a healer. I first met him many years ago when he was doing chair massages up at Whole Foods. He incorporates a variety of modalities into his healing practice, and he has alleviated chronic back pain for me. I highly recommend Matt!     -MP, Topanga CA

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